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SOUL CONTRACTS REMOVAL ~covenants, vows, contracts, agreements, cords, bonds

SOUL CONTRACTS REMOVAL ~covenants, vows, contracts, agreements, cords, bonds


(understanding and explanation)

Just like a legal document, your Soul contract is an agreement to certain terms, conditions and possible resolutions in this lifetime. Every life incarnation has its own Soul contract, personal and specific to that lifetime and to that incarnation.

Soul contracts are agreements we enter into for the purposes of learning and spiritual growth. Most of these contracts are unconscious, so we often don’t know we’ve made them.

Soul contracts are agreements made before birth between you and your soul family, between you and yourself as well. They carry over through many lifetimes before being completed.

In many belief systems, it is thought that your soul moves through many lives as it tries to reach its highest potential. The guiding lessons of your life are determined before birth in something called a soul contract.

A single soul contract will often span many lifetimes before it is completed.

Your Akashic record is a ledger of all your past, present, and future lives.

I will work and look into your soul contracts by accessing your Akashic record. It is a comprehensive list everyone has of every single action, thought, and experience your soul has gone or will go through. Your soul contracts are all recorded on it.

All of our soul experiences from every lifetime and in every dimension reside in the Akashic records. Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means “essence”, and the Akashic records hold the essence of our souls because the records contain every experience we have ever had. We are the cumulative expression of the contents of these records.

Sometimes, the Akashic records contain information in the form of vows that were initially useful to our soul growth but are no longer pertinent. We have gotten the gist of the lesson, and we do not need to continue to live with the vows in place. Some agreements are more detrimental than helpful, yet we continue to create the same occurrences over and over again as we subconsciously tap the Akashic records for information on our commitments.

The Akashic records also contain vows we have made to collectives or cults. We live on a planet of polarity so it is part of our soul growth to experience duality.

We may have made agreements with dark entities who fuel our negativity. It is best to break those ties if we wish to be free of any potential dark influence. Entities who operate in darkness sometimes call upon us if we hold past unbroken vows in the Akashic records. They cannot do so, if the agreements no longer exist.

We may also have made planetary commitments that seemed like a good idea at the time. The guilt or shame that accompanies past actions still resides in the soul memory system, accompanied by vows or agreements that still remain in the Akashic records.

Sometimes, we are fearful, and we make vows in order to gain protection. When we make vows based on fear, those vows are sometimes accepted by entities who profess goodness but do not deliver it, as negative entities.

These agreements we make can secretly prevent us from success in marriage, finance, business, money, love, home, and everywhere else. When a Soul Contract is involved, many of us become very confused and disheartened.

If you feel stuck in a rut, a Soul Contract may be the culprit.

-feeling pretty frustrated, tired, and unappreciated. 

-you may feel helpless or trapped when considering changing or leaving the relationship because you don’t want to abandon the other person.

-even when you’ve found someone wonderful you still feel alone, separate, and unsupported.

-you feel anxious, nervous, or worried so often that this seems normal

-afraid to march to your own drummer, rocking the boat or breaking the rules feel upsetting to you

-Unable to move forward with choices

-Health conditions or illnesses

Steps for Releasing & Clearing The Contracts:



-Clarity and Choice

-Master and Release

There is no right or wrong decision here. Is about what works and what servers or not your highest good in this lifetime.

In this lifetime we will find that we have existing contracts between souls seen or unseen that are not serving our highest good and it’s time to release, heal and clear them in our Akashic Records.

Since revoking a contract creates an empty space or a vacuum, we must then create an intentional, much more empowering contract to put into that empty space that might be:

-from a vow of poverty to a contract of abundance/generosity

-from a vow of isolation to a contract of healthy, empowering, fulfilling relationships

-from a vow of putting yourself last to a contract of healthy self-care and clear boundaries

-from a vow of renouncing your spiritual gifts to a contract of fully reclaiming and embodying your spiritual gifts and connection

-from a vow of self-punishment through bad jobs to a contract of fulfilling, exciting, rewarding work that gives you financial freedom.

The most important message here is that you’re not stuck with any of these negative contracts. You don’t have to put up with them or suffer through them, or wait until your next lifetime to be happy and at peace.

You have the right and free will to revoke any unhelpful contracts that are getting in your way, and to move forward more intentionally.

My name is Alina and I welcome everyone who needs or is in searching for healing, guidance and support on every spiritual level. Please browse through my offerings and feel free to reach out for any questions, suggestions or further requests.

I bring awareness and ancient knowledge as a powerful Mage “Wizardess” in this lifetime, Incarnated Angel and High Priestess with the archetype Goddess. I come from a royal ancestry lineage and with a strong roots and support from my Ancestors.

Ordained Minister

I am a Purifier Exorcist

I am a medium psychic.


I am a new type of Healer

🌹Much Gratitude and Blessings!

I am here to send

~love, light, healing, blessings, cleansing, balancing, restoring, activating, upgrading;


~removal and clearing of any blockages, spells, curses, black magic, cords, implants or attachments, entities that might interfere with your wellbeing

♾️✨body, mind and soul✨♾️

Whether you're seeking deep healing, guidance on a specific issue, or simply looking to connect with your higher self and divine guidance, I am here to support you on your journey.

I bring a rare combination of ancient knowledge, talent, experience, and professionalism to every session, creating a truly transformative and empowering experience for all clients.

✨ This is a approximately 40min.~60min. long session from distance, based on Quantum Physics- that energy is not restricted to any time and location as there is no such thing as time or space.

Distant healing is an advanced form of energy healing.

Healing energies can be transmitted over any distance and is very effective.

Energy healing is a holistic practice where healers channel universal life force (or healing energy) into a patient to help balance, heal and remove blockages from the body. Flow, balance, harmony and vitality within the body can be restored and maintained during sessions.

My work will include an entire team based on your needs that may be: working with Elements, Akashic Records, Angels, Archangels, Divine Guides, Cosmic Citizens, Dragons, Pegasus, Gaia, Divine Consciousness, Gods and Goddesses, altar rituals, sacred herbs, crystals and candles, alchemy, magic, love&light.

✨Some sessions might leave you feeling a little lethargic, ready for a nap. As energy correction takes place and the negative energy frequencies are being release, the body's energy system is disrupted and the body is realigning into a new energy frequency that is different.

•Get extra rest and sleep, drink more water, tea, do a juice cleanse and eat clean.

Avoid alcohol, drugs, smoking, and minimize caffeine intake for a few days after a Healing Session.

Stay in nature as much as you ca

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    Please provide your full name exactly as is written in your documents at this time. Please share a valid email address and a selfie for a better experience and connection. Thank you

  • 40-60min. long, sessions from distance, audio

    This is a 40-60min. long, energetic sessions from distance, you will You will receive a audio recording with all the details to your email after the session. You will be notified in advance before the session starts so please take rest if is possible in a quiet comfortable place. Please always feel free to contact me on my media platforms regarding any other questions or requests. Thank you

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