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Energy Healing & Soul Retrieval ~Release , Reconnect, Reclaim

Energy Healing & Soul Retrieval ~Release , Reconnect, Reclaim

Soul Retrieval is a sacred, ancient healing technique.  

Many years ago, it was a commonly practiced method of healing, generally performed by a Soul Catcher, Shaman or Village Healer. 

 I came into this technique

after my guides showed me a method of healing and retrieval for “lost” soul during a session for one of my customers that initially asked for a different session. The soul retrieval is the calling back and integration of all of the highest serving parts of the soul body.   If you believe that each of us has a soul, you might be interested in the concept that souls can become "lost," or at least fragmented in a way that leaves one feeling incomplete, often due to trauma.

A spiritual practice called "soul retrieval" aims to bring back those lost parts of ourselves. A soul usually become “lost” as a result of trauma that leaves someone feeling detached, fragmented, or seemingly separate from their body. In soul retrieval, a person is typically guided by an experienced shaman or spiritual healer through the process of bringing the lost soul back: they will reach an altered state of consciousness, go into the unseen realms of spirit, find the soul, and then begin to address whatever it is that caused the soul to fragment. From there, they'll bring the soul back into this plane. A concept is accepted among shamans and some other spiritual healers. •Signs of a lost soul can be : depression, difficulty adjusting, unhealthy coping mechanisms, disconnection, negative thoughts and low energy, self-neglect, difficulty being present. It is recommend working with a trusted healer who makes you feel safe and seen. Working with a therapist who honors various spiritual practices and ideologies can also be helpful. Hypnosis can also be helpful in allowing a person to enter a trance-like state and connect with themselves on a deeper level. There are methods to begin the process of reconnecting with your soul for yourself as: meditation and mindfulness, getting in touch with your guides, self-hypnosis. Some people believe that soul loss can happen to anyone at any time, whether it's the result of trauma or simply falling off one's life path and purpose. And while it's not easy to go through your days with the feeling that you're disconnected from your soul, soul retrieval is one way to start to come back to yourself. However, if you are experiencing depression or have fallen into a state of self-neglect, you should also seek the help of a mental health professional. (from author Sarah Regan) The effects of having a soul retrieval vary from person to person. Some people feel that they are more grounded in their body and feel more solid. Some people feel lighter, and a joyful way of being returns to them. In the aftermath of a successful soul retrieval ceremony, people feel more grounded, full, happy, content, and courageous, ready to pursue their lives. When our energetic body is not in alignment or balanced, it creates a ripple effect. We eventually become aware of this imbalance through our emotional and physical states, and through awareness of our level of mental harmony.

When we are feeling discomfort, whether that is physical or emotional we are receiving messages that there is a lack of flow.   


Energy healing is creating an environment with an optimal vibration that your energetic body responds to.  Energy healing supports you in releasing non- serving energy and emotions that may be trapped in your bodies, allowing the bodies to restore to a natural free- flowing state.  Recommended also for: Those who sense there is something missing that feels obtainable, Those who have the awareness that something has changed within themselves or something has shifted, Those healing from disease ,Those on a spiritual journey of growth and expanded awareness.

  • In Person or Long Distance Session

    Approximately 50min. Session from distance or in person. All information will be audio recorded or noted in a pdf file format. Please provide a valid email address, your name as is written in your actual documents and a selfie(optional).

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$74.80Sale Price
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