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Divine Sacred       🐉 DRAGON ACTIVATION


This Dragon Activation is a unique offering as the dragons came to me in my meditations and vivid dreams and asked me to share it with you after seeing the interest and requests from many people which are willing and searching to connect or reconnect with the dragons realm and their dragon star family.

Dragon energy is here to help us heal parts of ourselves and awake the parts that have been dormant. This activation speaks to you on a deep level that is beyond the understanding of the rational mind. It brings Awareness, Knowledge and Healing.

The energy of the dragon is an amazing energy that all have hidden inside themselves and waiting to be awaken. It is the God’s Christ Consciousness Pure Innocence and Love.


This activation is a reunion. We all have different connections to the Realms of Dragons. Some of us have Dragon Guides, Guardians and Gatekeepers, some of us have lifetimes as Dragon Riders and some of us are incarnated Dragons here in this lifetime. This is a great opportunity to reestablish this ancient bond.

Dragons are powerful forces of the etheric realms. They are known as wonderful loyal protectors and gatekeepers and they can clear and prevent attacks in other dimensions from effecting you in this life, attacks in your sleep, clear your field of any unwanted implants, attachments, cords and blocks. They can protect you in all realms of your conscious experience.

They are the most amazing partners for all manifestation practices, cleansings, clearings, detoxes, all magical works, healing and they deliver psychic insights to all divinations rituals.

This activation activates and clears the Dragon Line within your Celestial Body. You will meet your personal Dragon (or dragons) learn its name (if the dragon allows), color, dimension and Core Element.

You might also receive activation, cleansing or upgrades of your chakras depends on how i am guided for a better experience and better results of your session.

You will received different messages, guidance and healing every time you listen this activation, depending on what your energy needs at that period of time. Every time you work with the Dragon activation, more programs, conditions and subconscious blocks will be removed.

You can use the name of your Dragon in your waking consciousness to call your

Dragon presence in your Aura and Subtle Body.

🐉Besides the audio recorded session, you will receive a second audio recorded Dragon⚡️Language Transmission, so make the time to sit with this energy after you receive it, and allow whatever comes up for you to come up so you can connect, update, heal, activate or clear anything that is ready to be renewed.

Listen as many times as you feel is useful for you.

🕯️👑 During your session I will use and light up a ritual candle specially created by myself with unique pure intentions of Love and Light

🐉For a better connection and outcome I will create a unique Healing Ritual Dragon Altar that you may choose to receive it as a picture after the session and you can use anytime you feel or how you are guided to.

  • Details, Requests and Options

    Please provide a valid email address, your full name exactly as is written in your present documents and a selfie optionally. This is a digital product and will be sent as audio recording to your mail. Please always feel free to message me for more information, questions or requests. Please allow to 1 - 7 days time for the session fulfillment. Thank you 🐉🙏

    • You can add any information within the section “add note” when you proceed to checkout with the order payment

  • Bonuses

    -I will create for you a Healing Dragon Altar and ritual

    -During your session I will use a unique handmade candle created by myself specially for this session

    -I will audio record the Dragon⚡️Language Transmission that I receive during your session and which is a unique personal dragon light language transmission for you.

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$74.80Sale Price
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