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BLACK MAGIC Permanent REMOVAL, Curse Removal, Spells Removal, Hex Removal

BLACK MAGIC Permanent REMOVAL, Curse Removal, Spells Removal, Hex Removal


Spell Removal, Curse Removal, Hex Removal.

-From this Life and other Lives

-From this Dimension and other Dimensions

•If you have any special requests or suggestions please consult with me and leave a message, otherwise i will scan intuitively your energy and proceed with the session ritual as is planned with my authentic methods.

The results of this session ritual is fast, guaranteed and Permanent. All you have to do is to relax or do your usual cores in a quiet private space. You can read, sleep, eat, meditate, listen music, do gardening, stay in nature, bath or any other activities that brings relaxation. Avoid public and crowded places at the time of your session, which I will let you know in 2-3 hours advance before your session starts. I will communicate within the message chat with you at first, and schedule in advance a day which is reasonable for you for the session.

• I remind you that if is necessary, during this session I might connect with the spirit of ancestors, deceased people or any other beloved ones or lost souls that might be involved or part of the Curse, Spell, Black Magic that continues in this Life and causes disturbances to your well being, directly, indirectly, consciously or unconsciously. (if is the case).

♥️My name is Alina and I welcome everyone who needs or is in searching for healing, guidance and support on every spiritual level. Please browse through my offerings and feel free to reach out for any questions, suggestions or further requests.

I bring awareness and ancient knowledge as a powerful Mage “Wizardess” in this lifetime, Incarnated Angel and High Priestess with the archetype Goddess. I come from a royal ancestry lineage and with a strong roots and support from my Ancestors.

I am a Purifier Exorcist

I am a medium psychic.


I am a new type of Healer

🌹Much Gratitude and Blessings!

I am here to send

~love, light, healing, blessings, cleansing, balancing, restoring, activating, upgrading;


~removal and clearing of any blockages, spells, curses, black magic, cords, implants or attachments, entities that might interfere with your wellbeing

♾️✨body, mind and soul✨♾️

Whether you're seeking deep healing, guidance on a specific issue, or simply looking to connect with your higher self and divine guidance, I am here to support you on your journey.

I bring a rare combination of ancient knowledge, talent, experience, and professionalism to every session, creating a truly transformative and empowering experience for all clients.

✨ This is a approximately 40min.~60min. long session from distance, based on Quantum Physics- that energy is not restricted to any time and location as there is no such thing as time or space.

Distant healing is an advanced form of energy healing.

Healing energies can be transmitted over any distance and is very effective.

Energy healing is a holistic practice where healers channel universal life force (or healing energy) into a patient to help balance, heal and remove blockages from the body. Flow, balance, harmony and vitality within the body can be restored and maintained during sessions.

My work will include an entire team based on your needs that may be: working with Elements, Akashic Records, Angels, Archangels, Divine Guides, Cosmic Citizens, Dragons, Pegasus, Gaia, Divine Consciousness, Gods and Goddesses, altar rituals, sacred herbs, crystals and candles, alchemy, magic, love&light.

✨Some sessions might leave you feeling a little lethargic, ready for a nap. As energy correction takes place and the negative energy frequencies are being release, the body's energy system is disrupted and the body is realigning into a new energy frequency that is different.

•Get extra rest and sleep, drink more water, tea, do a juice cleanse and eat clean.

Avoid alcohol, drugs, smoking, and minimize caffeine intake for a few days after a Healing Session.

Stay in nature as much as you can, take a bath in the river, clean waters, ocean, or a nice aroma oil salt bath with herbs in home. Hug a tree or sit on a rock, meditation. Wear crystals and do smudging.

💞Sending much Love and Blessings to everyone in need and i wish that you will benefit fully from all the positive energy and healing from my work


✨This is a digital product, You are buying the time and performance of this session, not a specific physical product.

You will receive a audio recording or a pdf file with all the results and outcomes of the session that you chose and you payed for.

Please allow between 2 to 5 days for your personal sessions. I will take every session in the order that the payments have been placed.

I take only 2 sessions/ per week, no more than 2 persons weekly for this session. You will find 2 spots available on this listing so please reserve your spot in time.

~If you Require Emergency

Healing please contact me in advance as the usual session can start in 24-72 hours or longer from the moment you have placed your order.

✨Please provide your name details exactly as is written in your documents at this time and a selfie optionally for a better connection.

Please register with a valid email address for the audio recordings of the results and outcomes of this session.

✨Your final report will be uploaded in audio or PDF format and available to download in your purchases. Etsy should send you an email when your file has been uploaded but you can also always locate them in the “Purchases and Reviews” Section of your account when accessing Etsy from a Web Browser!

💥You might like to visit my Altar Divination Tools section on my shop, browse through my offerings which includes magic powders, candles, sacred herbs and anointed oils 🪄 handmade by myself.

✨Etsy policy requires me to indicate that this service is for entertainment purposes only.

The service is available for persons above 18 years old.

✨Disclaimer: I do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medication, or interfere with a medical professional's treatment. If you are currently taking prescribed medication, do not stop taking it without your doctor's advice. If you have any concerns regarding your medical condition, please speak with your doctor or other licensed medical professional first. I do not accept responsibility if you choose to treat yourself using any information from my website, shop or from my work.

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